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Subscriber Status
What does it mean to be a subscriber?
  Subscribers automatically receive each fascicle published in our Series 5, Atlases of Tumor and Non-Tumor Pathology, as soon as it’s available, with the subscriber discount. A subscription is for the complete current series.
What if I only want some of the fascicles within a series, but not all of them?
  It would be best to purchase the books individually rather than signing up as a subscriber if you do not wish to receive the entire series.
What if I’m a subscriber, but I don’t want the newest fascicle?
  Returning unwanted fascicles will be at the expense of the customer. Refunds will be made upon the fascicle reaching our book fulfillment partner, BrightKey’s facility (tracking info required).
What subscriber discount level am I eligible for?
  Regular Subscriber: 10% off
Subscriber Attending Physician: 20% off
Subscriber Resident/Fellow: 30% off